OptionBlitz Leverages Ethereum Layer 2 Protocol Arbitrum to Pioneer Zero-Day Options & Social Trading Platform

In January 2023, decentralized options and social trading platform OptionBlitz, launched its community networks. The platform is now poised for a February deployment into Ethereum Layer protocol Arbitrum, to offer unique trading options like ‘zero-day’, and ‘Turbo’. OptionBlitz will also run a 2-stage (BLX) token presale from February 28th to March 28th, 2023.
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MultiversX Announces EGLD Staking & ESDT Tokens Now Available to Over 1.5 Million Ledger Live Users

Today, MultiversX is happy to announce the next step in its partnership with Ledger through the integration of EGLD staking into the Ledger Live App, offering more than 1.5 million users secure access to EGLD staking services. Together with this milestone, Ledger is now also involved in proposing and validating blocks on the MultiversX blockchain network through their very own staking pool, run in collaboration with Figment.
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Fungify raises $6M to build new NFT lending primitive

Fungify DAO has announced the completion of its funding round. The round, led by CitizenX, also included Distributed Global, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Taureon Capital, Anagram, Flow Ventures and more. Angel investors consisting of DCFGod, Joe Eagan (ex-president of Polychain Capital), Mark Borsten (Merit Circle founder) and others also joined.
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RFOX VALT Launches AI-Enabled Metaverse Apartments for Sale

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - RFOX VALT, the leading metaverse platform, is excited to announce the sale of AI-enabled metaverse apartments on February 8th. These state-of-the-art apartments offer residents a fully immersive experience using cutting-edge AI technology, which only enhances the already existing VR world.

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The Launching of the BIFROST Network, a Multichain Gamechanger

The multichain middleware platform BIFROST run by PiLab Technology, a South Korean VC specializing in blockchain services, recently unveiled their mainnet, the BIFROST Network. Fueled by their own mainnet, BIFROST hopes to create an easy-to-use multichain experience and to foster a unique blockchain ecosystem that leverages the multichain technology.
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