SWAPD: The Buy, Sell, and Trade Platform to Use

Those who own social media accounts and pages with a large following can now cash in by selling their assets to businesses and individuals, making considerable money in the process. The question remains, how do you sell a social asset? How about a Google ad? What about eBay? Apparently, there is an easier way if people know where to look. 
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Developers rush to snap up tickets for highly anticipated Polkadot Sub0

Web3 engineers and developers are looking forward to a trip to Lisbon for Sub0, the Polkadot developer conference, after the two-day event prompted a stampede for tickets. Taking place at LX Factory in Lisbon on Nov. 28 and 29, the oversubscribed event will encourage new builders to explore getting the most out of the popular proof-of-stake network. More experienced developers, meanwhile, will discover some of the latest updates on Substrate, the software development kit behind Polkadot and the growing number of parachains building on the decentralized Layer-0 protocol.
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Phemex releases Proof-of-Reserves, liabilities, and solvency

Phemex seems set to lead by example in the wake of the FTX fallout and the call from many in the community for all centralized exchanges to publish their proof-of-reserves. While not the first exchange to publish its proof-of-reserves, Phemex has taken its time to create the most transparent and trustful approach, relying on code rather than third-party auditors.
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WeSendit 3.0: The Web3 data storage revolution from Switzerland

Swiss data transfer company is “the first gateway to the world of decentralized networks.” Its new platform, WeSendit 3.0, supported by the new WeSendit token (WSI), will harness the power of the blockchain and offer users the “safest, easiest and most reliable data transfer ever.” Here is everything you need to know about a project that has been gaining momentum recently.
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Next Level Blockchain Ecosystem IllumiShare SRG Set to Launch Token Presale

In a move that will excite crypto enthusiasts, IllumiShare SRG has announced its token presale launch, which will hold on the 23rd of November after an unveiling party in Dubai on November 22nd. His highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan from the Abu Dhabi Royal Family – An Official Partner in the company, some Ministers of the Emirate government among respected business partners will be in attendance.
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Volley Token launched its token IDO

The highly anticipated initial DEX offering (IDO), Volley Token, launches with a presale price of 0.000000005$. Volley is a one-stop-shop for decentralized finance (DeFi), cross-chain swaps, staking, earning and yield farming on the Ethereum blockchain. Volley creates a DeFi ecosystem to make DeFi items more available to users around the world.
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Swaps Updates Take Payment Processing and UX to Badass Level

Swaps is pleased to announce that we have updated our platform. As a crypto and fiat payment processing company, we prioritize providing our partners with the best crypto on-ramp, off-ramp, and checkout services. Our new update includes better UI and UX, 31 blockchains and 1000 tokens available, new payment methods, quick API integration, and many more features.
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