Bricktrade joins forces with Blocksquare in a strategic partnership to bring the real-estate ecosystem on-chain through tokenisation

Bricktrade Capital Ltd is pleased to announce its recent decision to form a strategic partnership with Blocksquare, a technology solutions provider to support in making property investing accessible to the masses. Bricktrade is the UK’s first real estate investment platform to tokenise property, bringing an abundance of investment opportunities to both crypto market participants as well as fiat investors looking to dive into the real estate market.
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Byepix Getting Listed on LBank Exchange

Byepix, which is a Huge Ecosystem Project: Powered by Metaverse Blockchain, 2 Protocols, 7 Platforms, and 20+ utilities almost ending its ICO. And it will be listed at $5. The company started the ICO with a high-reward referral program along with a wide-scale airdrop, where eligible investors got five times their EPIX, the company’s recently-issued utility token.
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Splinterlands Announces Exclusive Runi Mint with OpenSea

Splinterlands, the hit blockchain game known for its fantasy-themed auto battler, has announced its partnership with OpenSea, the world's leading peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, to create an exclusive NFT mint for its new "Runi" series which is currently available to mint on the platform. According to OpeanSea's ranking on leading projects by daily volume, Splinterlands has surpassed The Sandbox, Pudgy Penguins, Cool Cats, VeeFriends Series 2, Moonbirds, and SuperRare within the first day of its release.
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Legacy Suite Introduces Legal and Digital Suite to Product Portfolio

With a reported $140 billion in cryptocurrency stranded in inaccessible storage, the need for better digital asset management is more apparent than ever. Legacy Suite, the industry leader in digital asset preservation, has announced the rollout of Legal and Digital Suite, solutions designed to protect assets like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and legal directives, and to ensure they are shared properly and securely in the event of a death or emergency.
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Datavault® Launches Branded Degree and Utility Tokens for Colleges & Universities Worldwide

Data Vault Holdings Inc., the emerging leader in metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization announced today that it has minted NFT tokens for leading Colleges and Universities in the United States that are designed to commemorate and recognize student achievements of all types across every learning discipline. Branded tokens bearing the brands of institutions have been designed and launched by Data Vault Holdings for Pacific Conference PAC 12, Big Ten Conference, Community Colleges and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 
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