Introducing DGI: The Premier Platform for Passive Income in Gaming

DGI (Decentralized Gaming Income Token) announces its revolutionary approach to passive income within the gaming industry, offering gamers and investors alike an unprecedented opportunity to earn through its innovative platform.

DGI is proud to unveil its platform, which allows users to stake DGI tokens and earn monthly income from the expansive gaming guild portfolio operated by DGG (Decentralized Gaming Guild). With a focus on rewarding token holders, DGI aims to revolutionize the gaming and cryptocurrency industries by offering a seamless and lucrative way to engage with Web3 gaming.

As a pioneer in the gaming guild space, DGI leverages its ownership of millions of dollars in gaming assets, including a significant stake in the highly successful Big Time Game. By staking DGI tokens, users can passively earn a share of the revenues generated by DGG's gaming portfolio, presenting a unique opportunity in the rapidly growing Web3 gaming sector.

Going Big Time

At the forefront of DGI's portfolio is the Big Time Game, a leading Web3 game that has captured the attention of millions worldwide. With over $100 million in NFT sales, numerous industry awards, and a massive player base, Big Time Game represents a cornerstone asset within DGI's portfolio. As the largest asset holder in Big Time, DGI is poised to capitalize on the game's continued success and growth.

The DGG Guild Powering the DGI Token

The DGG Guild boasts assets in three high-profile games valued at over $10 million and growing. With monthly revenues exceeding $300,000 and a commitment to ongoing growth and reinvestment, DGG represents the driving force behind the DGI token's success and profitability.

Staking Opportunities

DGI offers users the opportunity to stake their tokens and earn a share of the Guild's revenues. Beginning 30 days after the initial token launch, DGI will distribute 50% of the Guild's revenue, with an initial projection of $150,000 within the first month of staking. Additionally, DGI plans to integrate additional revenue streams from video game acquisitions into its staking model, further enhancing earning potential for token holders.

The $DGI Token

The DGI Token serves as the cornerstone of the DGI ecosystem, providing holders with passive income opportunities through holding, supporting, and staking DGI. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, DGI allocates 80% to liquidity, 10% to centralized exchange (CEX) listings, and 10% to future community incentives and airdrops, ensuring transparency and community oversight through secure multisig wallet storage.

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About DGI

DGI (Decentralized Gaming Income Token) revolutionizes passive income in gaming. By staking DGI tokens, users earn monthly income from our gaming guild portfolio, including a significant stake in the highly successful Big Time Game. We're committed to transparency, community engagement, and innovation, offering unparalleled earning potential in the gaming industry.