AI Live-Streaming NFTs: Uplive's Breakthrough Enables Unlimited Passive Income for Creators

Asia Innovations Group Limited ("ASIG" or the "Company"), a frontrunner in mobile social entertainment, today unveiled an unprecedented collaboration between its flagship platform, Uplive, and AI3 Labs. This partnership marks a milestone in the digital entertainment industry, transforming the way creators and fans interact through AI and blockchain technology.

In a bold move, Uplive, known for its innovative live-streaming features, is set to revolutionize the creator economy. The platform will integrate AI3 Labs' expertise in cryptocurrency to offer a seamless wallet integration, enabling the conversion of digital AI live-streamers into unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This integration not only empowers creators with new avenues for income but also offers fans a novel way to engage with content.

The core of this breakthrough lies in the creation of fully interactive digital AI live-streamers. These advanced AI entities can interact in real-time, providing a personalized and dynamic experience for users. In addition, Uplive will introduce a series of rare and specially themed collectible digital cards, created by state-of-the-art generative AI. These cards will not only serve as unique art pieces but also as keys to unlock exclusive content and experiences within the Uplive ecosystem.

"Our vision at ASIG has always been to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to enhance user experiences," said Chris Nheu, Head of Corporate Strategy. "This collaboration with AI3 Labs is a testament to our commitment to innovation. By integrating AI with blockchain, we are not only redefining the creator economy but also offering unlimited passive income opportunities for our users."

Fans of the platform can purchase these live-streamer NFTs, gaining access to special features such as one-on-one chats with AI live-streamers, exclusive digital content, and early access to new releases. This model not only incentivizes fan engagement but also creates a sustainable revenue stream for creators.

ASIG's journey into the digital frontier began with the introduction of LiveAI and 3D avatars on Uplive, setting the stage for a more immersive metaverse experience. The collaboration with AI3 Labs is a natural progression in this journey, aligning with the Company's strategic vision outlined in its white paper published in partnership with The Economist.

The project is currently under development and is slated for launch in mid to late 2024.

About Asia Innovations Group

Asia Innovations Group (ASIG) is a global leader in mobile social platforms, with a mission to enrich lives through innovative and enjoyable live social products. With over 700 million registered users across 150 regions, ASIG continues to expand its influence in the social entertainment industry. Its portfolio includes Uplive, CuteU, Lamour, and other rapidly growing live social apps, all aimed at fostering meaningful human connections and offering unique experiences in emerging markets. ASIG's global presence is bolstered by its 18 offices worldwide, each contributing deep local market insights to the company's advanced technology and scalable infrastructure.

About AI3 Labs

AI3 Labs, a compact yet globally-minded team, is dedicated to delving into the intersection of AI and blockchain, crafting practical and entertaining applications. The overarching vision involves decentralizing economic gains from AI creations by organizing them on a blockchain, ensuring optimal benefits for content creators. The commitment extends to a scenario where AI creators automatically receive a minimum of 95% of the economic value generated by their creations in a seamless manner.