A New Mining Program of MultiVAC Supports Daily Compounding

On Oct. 10, MultiVAC upgraded the mining program of its test-net and launched the 'Everyone Mining & Perfect Earning' project. It can be observed that huge improvements have been made on mining parameters and withdrawal rules. Miners now are allowed to deposit and withdraw at any time and perform automatic compounding.

Since the birth of blockchain tech, miners have played a central role in the ecosystem. Through different consensus mechanisms like POW or POS, miners participate in the network and verify the transactions to receive rewards. More miners in a specific network indicate that the system is more decentralized and secure.

Last June, MultiVAC released its 2nd version test-net ''Enigma'' and raised the concept of ''everyone mining'', aka people mining. MultiVAC focuses on lowering the hardware threshold of mining and enabling everyday users to participate in mining without any obstacle. Till now, the entire deposit amount of MultiVAC has exceeded 290 million MTV, and miners have received 47 million MTV as rewards in total.

After the upgrade of MTV's mining program, miners now can apply to withdraw his/her deposit at any time. Also, the system will help miners automatically re-invest to secure the highest yielding rate. Besides these rewards, MultiVAC also provides extra lock-up rewards - Miners can get a competitive ROI.

Frank, the CEO of MultiVAC, said that his team has attached great importance to miners for a long time. Rated as the most decentralized project by TokenInsight Staking, and the highest ROI staking project by Standard & Consensus, MultiVAC aspires to have more miners engaged in its ecosystem and more people interested in mining. 

Also, Frank marked that this time's mining program is an important step for MultiVAC's ecosystem development. The new rules and mechanisms will empower more contributors to partake in its network and thus make it more robust, stable, and decentralized.

About MultiVAC:

MultiVAC is a high-throughput flexible blockchain platform based on trusted Sharding computation. It's a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications (dApps). MultiVAC is developing the world's first fast, efficient, and fully Sharded blockchain with Sharding for not only computation but also transmission and storage, maximizing throughput while maintaining decentralization and without sacrificing security. MultiVAC has received more than 15 million USD investment from around 40 world-renowned capitals and funds like IDG, NGC, Dfund, Hashed, Signum, Arrington XRP, ICODrops, etc.