Clovr Launches to Provide Transparency in Bitcoin Casino Reviews

For most people online gambling provides a way to spend a little cash and experience some excitement with the prospect of winning – or more specifically, beating the house. And in many cases, players are just regular folk who don't really need to make a profit but are keen to see that if they lose a game, they lose fairly.

While for the most part, millions of people find online casinos fun and convenient, there's a big problem with a lack of transparency that's causing a bad rep in the industry.
Remember, people want to believe that games are fair, and that casinos are trustworthy, but some practices cause players to become suspicious.

Cheap tricks like setting up "bad beats", or the art of manipulating inexperienced players into playing longer (usually by upping the pot size) or offering higher-than-natural odds have led companies like Reel Deal and Hi/Lo to close shop, further increasing suspicion among players.

Blockchain offers more transparency

It's in this seemingly shady world of online casino gambling that Clovr, a relatively new name in the game, has decided to set up shop. Clovr reviews casinos using Blockchain technology as the framework that runs their games.

Instead of playing with fiat, as is the case with most of the existing online casinos, Clovr has gone in the direction of cryptocurrency; so in this case, Bitcoin is the currency that players play for.

Bitcoin in particular, gives players an undeniable proof of transparency because of the inability to tamper with data integrity, and the straightforward nature that the outcome of a game is presented in.

Clovr casino sets itself apart as an unbiased review site; their approach includes:

1)  Checking third-party sites for licensing and adherence to regulatory frameworks
2)  Conducting tests on third-party sites before aligning with them
3)  Helping players choose the right game types
4)  Offering 400+ games including live casino and welcome bonuses
5)  Pushing for the use of blockchain in gambling and paving the way for other industry players to have independent testing to check for game fairness and transparency in their random-number generators.

There is already talk that blockchain is the future of online gambling; and considering the ease with which younger audiences are embracing the technology, one can argue that Clovr is doing what's necessary to move into a new way of gambling.

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