ArtMeta Hosts Premiere Event in Basel

ArtMeta, the first fine art metaverse, will host its premiere event alongside Art Basel in Switzerland on June 18, 2022. The gathering of leaders across the worlds of fine art and web3 will feature the first tour of ArtMeta's Fine Art Metaverse along with the unveiling of a never before seen digitized version of a blue chip artwork.

ArtMeta will bring the worlds of fine art, tech and finance together for the first time, hosting the event in partnership with VP Bank Group, TrustSwap, Swappable, Alpha Praetorian Capital, Haas & Company, Liberty Specialty Markets and Night Gallery.

The live demonstration of ArtMeta's first ever in-metaverse experience will feature Place Des Mascarades, the main square within the metaverse, along with a taste of the first bespoke spaces for presenting works. The gallery experiences will include NFT collaborations with Night Gallery LA, including the most recent collections from artist Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack and Swappable, as well as a feature piece provided by VP Bank.

The experience will offer a glimpse into the diverse potential of how fine art can be infinitely reconfigured and displayed within a digital environment.

A feature portion of the event, amongst the works to be displayed during the metaverse premiere, will be a digitized version of a blue chip artwork, never before seen by the public. This extraordinary artwork is provided by and in partnership with VP Bank.

The evening's premiere will culminate in a live panel discussion where a senior executive from each event partner will highlight their involvement in the workings of ArtMeta's metaverse.
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